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Spin PuzzleSpin Puzzle

A day in life of a princess is full of cares. You have to prepare and arrange a party for people from throughout the Enchancia, you

Jigsaw PuzzleJigsaw Puzzle

When we were younger, we used to solve puzzles. We used to sit on a carpet with our shuffled, complex puzzle, and solve it. We were

Sort My JigsawSort My Jigsaw

One day, when Princess Sofia had much spare time, she decides to solve some puzzle games. In order to do that, she prepared an old

Sliding PuzzleSliding Puzzle

If you are familiar with Internet puzzle games, you may know that there are different types of puzzle games. Beside the difficulty

Sofia in her carriageSofia in her carriage

When little Sofia became a princess, some important events happened in her life. To be a princess isn`t that easy as may seem. As many

Sofia and VivianSofia and Vivian

Those of you who have watched the original Sofia the First TV series on Disney Channel may be familiar with Vivian. Sofia and Vivian

Cinderella and SofiaCinderella and Sofia

After princess Amber went envying on Sofia because she got more attention since she had became a princess, the relationship between

Princess Smiling FacePrincess Smiling Face

Princess Sofia the First has inspired many artists and game developers to continue working on her character. Beside the TV series

Sofia in ClassSofia in Class

When Sofia became royal and came for the first time in her life at the castle, she was astonished. She soon realized that being royal

Sofia and JamesSofia and James

Prince James is a memorable character. Unlike his sister Amber, he doesn`t display any trace of envy and vanity towards Sofia. He

Sofia and AmberSofia and Amber

What is a sure thing in becoming a princess is that you acquire both friends and foes. Sofia was not an exception. When she became

Cedric the SorcererCedric the Sorcerer

What is a game without a villain? What is a movie without an evil being? As other TV series, `Sofia the First` features a both funny

Little PrincessLittle Princess

If you watched `Sofia the First` TV series originally showcased on Disney Channel you may be familiar with Sofia`s story. You may also

Sofia with her friendsSofia with her friends

People often say that there is no stronger bound than the bound between human and animals. Sofia is entirely agree with that idea. The

Sofia with RobinSofia with Robin

Amulet of Avalor is a valuable thing for Sofia. When she discovers its powers and perceives its abilities she is very happy. It`s

Sofia with her tiaraSofia with her tiara

What makes a princess to be a princess? Both `Sofia the First` TV series and games taught us that kindness and gracefulness are the

Whatnaught the SquirrelWhatnaught the Squirrel

Nothing better than to have many friends! As Sofia is a very friendly and kind girl, she always had a lot of friends surrounding her.

Princess Amber PuzzlePrincess Amber Puzzle

Family is what matters most. Family ties are sacrosanct. But it happens that an unknown person enters your family and you have to

Prince James PuzzlePrince James Puzzle

When Sofia came at the Palace, she was about to meet a lot of memorable characters. That includes even animal friends, as Sofia got

Sofia PuzzleSofia Puzzle

Sofia is a seven-year-old girl. As you may know from the TV Series showcased on Disney Channel, Sofia becomes royal after her mother

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