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The First HalloweenThe First Halloween

Sofia spend her time properly since she had become a princess. She kept her friends close to her and because of the Amulet of Avalor,

Cupcake PartyCupcake Party

A princess should be able to receive guests. As Sofia is a girl from the Village, she knows how to do it right. She knows what food to

Cinderella and SofiaCinderella and Sofia

After princess Amber went envying on Sofia because she got more attention since she had became a princess, the relationship between

Sofia and JamesSofia and James

Prince James is a memorable character. Unlike his sister Amber, he doesn`t display any trace of envy and vanity towards Sofia. He

Sofia and AmberSofia and Amber

What is a sure thing in becoming a princess is that you acquire both friends and foes. Sofia was not an exception. When she became

Princess Amber PuzzlePrincess Amber Puzzle

Family is what matters most. Family ties are sacrosanct. But it happens that an unknown person enters your family and you have to

Color Princess AmberColor Princess Amber

Both kids and adults like to color. We all had some kind of a coloring book in our childhood in which we enjoyed to color the drawn

Sofia`s Magical SpellsSofia`s Magical Spells

The Kingdom of Enchancia is a magical one. How couldn`t it be magical when birds come out of their nests to sing the Anthem and

James Hidden StarsJames Hidden Stars

Since Sofia the First TV series were broadcasted on television, games featuring your favorite princess developed. By now, there is up

Sofia the First BowlingSofia the First Bowling

There are plenty of things to do in the Palace of Enchancia. Since Sofia the First has become a part of the royal family, she always

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