Doctor Games

Cure Sofia`s MouthCure Sofia`s Mouth

It is a well known fact that the doctors of Enchancia are true wizards in healing various diseases. As they are masters of their job,

Hand EmergencyHand Emergency

No one, not even Disney princesses are not secured against traumas. It happens that little kids fall and fall badly. They injure

Eye CareEye Care

Have you ever thought you can play as a real doctor at Sofia`s Enchanted Castle? Well, you can! Due to this new, entertaining game,

Injured SofiaInjured Sofia

A friend in need is a friend indeed. It may happen that a good friend of yours falls and injures himself very badly. As a true

Dental CareDental Care

In case you always wanted to play as a royal dentist, this game gives you the opportunity to do so. In `Sofia the First Dental Care`

Heal SofiaHeal Sofia

New, special Sofia the First games give you the opportunity to try all kind of roles at the Royal Palace of Enchancia. You can play

Skating AccidentSkating Accident

Sofia loves skating. She practiced it a lot after she became princess overnight and moved to the Royal Palace of Enchancia. Yes,

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