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The First HalloweenThe First Halloween

Sofia spend her time properly since she had become a princess. She kept her friends close to her and because of the Amulet of Avalor,

Cedric the SorcererCedric the Sorcerer

What is a game without a villain? What is a movie without an evil being? As other TV series, `Sofia the First` features a both funny

Sofia`s Magical SpellsSofia`s Magical Spells

The Kingdom of Enchancia is a magical one. How couldn`t it be magical when birds come out of their nests to sing the Anthem and

Keys to the CastleKeys to the Castle

A royal ball in Enchancia is a regular event. These are enthralling parties with dances, fine music and tasty food. As a princess,

A Spell for Mr. CedricA Spell for Mr. Cedric

A good wizard will always use his powers for good. Even though Cedric the Sorcerer is one the main villains of Sofia, who desperately

Sofia`s Card CatchSofia`s Card Catch

As you may know from the TV series of Sofia the First, Enchancia is a magical place. It is a place where birds get to sing the Anthem,

Curse of Princess IvyCurse of Princess Ivy

Have you already seen The Curse of Princess Ivy episode of Sofia the First? If yes, then go straight playing the game with the same

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