About Whatnaught the Squirrel

Nothing better than to have many friends! As Sofia is a very friendly and kind girl, she always had a lot of friends surrounding her. He had met them before she become royal and moved to live in the Palace. When she got her magic Amulet of Avalor that allows her to talk to the animals, she acquired even more friends! That includes rabbits, birds and even squirrel! One memorable character in Sofia`s life is Whatnaught – a friend of Clover that lives in the forests of Enchancia. Whatnaught is very funny, whereas he uses to tease Clover. Sofia takes a photo of Whatnaught as to put it in her magic photo album which describes all of her friends. But, as you may already know, somebody broke the photo album. Your goal is to help Sofia to retrieve the photo of Whatnaught by solving the puzzle. Do it in a minimum amount of time. If the picture confuses you, try viewing the final piece at the top of your game screen. Have fun!

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