About Washing Dresses

Having a great deal of dresses, gowns and shirts seems great, but you forget that you also have to take care of all these clothes. Back in her village Sofia was always washing her dresses on Saturdays. She didn`t have many dresses back then, so it would only took her half an hour to clean all her stuff. She would go to the river that meandered near her village and dip her clothes in the crystal water. She would then let the clothes dry at the sun for a few hours and by the time she would be back from her friends, her clothes would be all dried and clean. But now Sofia lives at the Royal Palace of Enchancia and her drawers are full of dresses of sorts and colors. Big, fancy dresses for royal balls and simple yet gorgeous gowns for frequent tea parties she uses to organize with her friends. It is impossible for a little girl like Sofia to clean all those dresses in a single day. That is why princess Sofia needs you – her best friend! Help princess Sofia clean all her clothes. First, start by separating dresses by colors. There is a basket for colorful dresses and another for white dresses. Use your mouse and put the clothes in their specific basket. Don`t mix them in the wrong basket. After you are done with this you will see that the royal life isn`t that bad when it comes to washing clothes. Sofia now has a washing machine, so you don`t have to walk all the way to the river in order to clean your clothes. When you go out to put the clothes to dry, choose the appropriate dress that matches the silhouette. Have fun!

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