About The Royal Red Carpet

Let`s think a little bit. What does a young princess need to know before attending a royal ball? In the first place, she definitely needs to know how to wear a tiara, since tiara is one of the symbols of royalty. Next, a girl that is preparing to attend a royal ball, needs to know how to be properly dressed. A fancy dress doesn`t make one a princess, but still it is an item that is mandatory for a royal ball. So now let`s revise it all over again – tiara – check, dress – check; what are we missing? A graceful, princess-like walk, that`s what! When Sofia arrived at her new castle – the fabulous castle of Enchancia, she was a simple girl from the village. In fact, she remained a simple girl, since it is not the luxury you are living in that makes you a true princesses. Nevertheless, she managed to train and adapt her manners. Now little Sofia can behave like a real princess. However, what she didn`t have time to properly learn is how to walk on a red carpet. And the royal ball, in which Sofia will have to walk on the read carpet, is about to start! Will you help princess Sofia practice her walking before the royal ball starts? As to make training effective, Sofia will have to walk through several levels, carrying a little book on her head. However, someone threw some objects in Sofia`s way. You have to avoid those objects, or you will have to start the walk all over again. To change Sofia`s direction and to avoid collisions, press `space` button. Practice through several levels, then attend the royal ball and prove everyone how graceful a young princess can walk! In order to start playing, you have to click on the `Games` icon on the left of the screen, then choose the game from the right. Have fun!

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