About The Mermaid Princess

The adventures of little seven-year-old girl Sofia have led us into a lot of beautiful and memorable places. Sofia planted flowers within the most adorable of gardens – the Enchanted Garden, she flew all over Enchancia on a flying carpet just to visit a distant friend of her and she even managed to learn to fly Minimus the Great – her loyal flying horse! What beautiful moments she has experienced! But there has to be a place where she hasn`t gone yet. And if you stay close to her, you are about to discover this place! When Sofia and her family were on a voyage on their royal floating palace, mermaid approached to their ship. Unfortunately, little mermaid Oona got tangled into some ropes, and when Sofia tried to pull her out, something strange happened with the Amulet of Avalor. Follow the cuscenes if you want to know everything about her adventure and what actually happened when Sofia`s tried to rescue Oona. What we can tell you is that Sofia herself turn into a mermaid and now she has to help Oona get back to her hide-out! Immerse within this game and explore the depths of the ocean. Oona and her haughty seahorse friend will guide through this nearly unfathomable world. You will discover that life continues under the water and it can take most interesting and spectacular forms. To complete stages, Sofia needs to collect all the gems on her way. Collecting gems will give you access to a multitude of objects which you can later use to decorate Oona`s hide-out. Live this truly unforgettable ocean adventure and discover new friends, where you never thought you can find them!

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