About The First Halloween

Sofia spend her time properly since she had become a princess. She kept her friends close to her and because of the Amulet of Avalor, she performed many great deeds. But she has also acquired a lot of enemies. Cedric – the evil sorcerer covets Sofia`s amulet and planned plots to retrieve it. Even her stepsister – Amber envies Sofia for her kindness and gracefulness. In order to get a little bit of revenge, Sofia decides to dress up the scariest Halloween costume and scare her both Amber and Cedric away. The pumpkins are kindled, the castle is designed for the party, and you have to pick an outfit for princess Sofia. Help her choose the costume that suits her best. Choose wisely and help Sofia to scare her stepsister away. If it`s not enough, who said you can`t perform some magic? Hope the Amulet of Avalor sleeps on Halloween.

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