About Table Tennis

English movies taught us that princesses have tea or take long horse rides during their spare time. That`s why we consider English movies quite dull. This game shows you that real princesses have fun by performing sports! And what kind of sport could Sofia the First practice? Table tennis! Take the rocket in your hand and play as Sofia in this awesome table tennis game. You will play against Prince James – another `Sofia the First` TV show character, that you may be familiar with. Your goal is to defeat Prince James by scoring points on his side of the table. You will find that Prince James is quite fast, so it may be difficult to win the game. But don`t worry! The key to success is to be quick and have a good reaction. If you have or train this qualities, you surely will succeed. Don`t hit the ball to hard. If it goes out of your opponent`s field, you lose a point. You can check your score at the top of your screen. Be the best table tennis player in Enchancia!

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