About Spot the Numbers

The multitude of Sofia the First games don`t only keep you entertain and up- to-date with all the events that happen in Enchancia, but also give you the opportunity to test your attention. They gracefully combine having fun with learning and becoming more accurate when it comes to spotting things on your screen. That is why we bring you more and more games that test your ability to recognize various objects in a certain amount of time. You can help Sofia spot the right letters who escaped from her new alphabet, or to search the screen for objects that were stolen from you or your friends. In this particular game, however, you will have to find all the numbers from 1 to 10. They are all well hidden and you will have to work hard to recognize them. They are blend with the background, but on the other hand, you have mastered the art of spotting letters and numbers in so many games before! So why don`t you take a try on this one! Click on the number once you spot it. For each number spotted you will receive points. However, be careful not to misclick the numbers, or you will lose some of your points you have gained so far. There are three levels to complete in this game. Think you can do this? Have fun!

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