About Solitaire

Each game is able to teach you something. Some games teach you to be brave, some to be thankful. There are games that teach you to protect nature. No doubt that each game played makes you a better man. `Sofia the First` games, that grew tremendously popular after the TV show has been aired, teach you to grateful, and to be a good, honest friend. They also teach you about princesses habits. Those of you who have already played a few games on our website, may already know what princesses do in their spare time. You, probably, have already played games in which Sofia has to travel through Enchancia on a carriage. You may be familiar with another noble custom – parties and the preparations they may imply. This particular game shows another princesses` custom – playing cards. In this game, you can play your favourite card game that was the first Windows – PC game back in the days – Solitaire. Play this game with Sofia and have fun enjoying your time. You have to win your opponent. Do you think you can do this?

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