About Sofia with Robin

Amulet of Avalor is a valuable thing for Sofia. When she discovers its powers and perceives its abilities she is very happy. It`s granted the power to speak with the animals. Now, Sofia has her best friends living in the woods of Enchancia. Clover, a funny little rabbit, makes Sofia`s acquaintance with another friendly wood creature – Robin the robin. Robin is a good friend of Clover and they can usually be seen making jokes on each other. Robin becomes an important bird to Sofia and she took a photo of him. She decided to put it near Clover`s photo in her magic photo album. But somebody broke the photo album and now Sofia has to recollect all the photos. In order to do that, you have solve the puzzle. Solve the puzzle as fast as you can and retrieve the missing photo. Be quick and challenge your friends. Have fun!

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