About Sofia with her friends

People often say that there is no stronger bound than the bound between human and animals. Sofia is entirely agree with that idea. The truth is Sofia can talk to the animals due to her Amulet of Avalor. Being friendly is the common feature of princess Sofia and when she discovers the Amulet of Avalor, she quickly makes a lot of new friends. That includes birds and rabbits. Her best friend is Clover – a funny, gray rabbit that doesn`t like to be cuddled, but overall is very friendly. He may seem familiar to you if you played other puzzle games on our website. Sofia took some great pictures of her friends. After she had put the into her new album, the pages of the album were torn out. Your goal is to retrieve the photo of Sofia`s friends in the minimum amount of time. Will you give Sofia a hand? If the picture confuses you, look at the top of your game screen to reveal how the final picture should look like. Have fun!

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