About Sofia the First Typing

Imagine yourself how would it be to work at a typing machine as an editor or something. First, it would require of you to type fast. Faster than you`ve ever typed. Do you think you could do it? If you have doubts, then ask yourself how do the editors type so fast. Maybe they drink a special potion that accelerates their writing speed? Or maybe they are able do it thanks to hours of practicing. Well, it can really take some time to learn to type fast. But, whether you are an adult or a kid, it is always funnier to learn by playing games. How can you do it? Easily! Sofia and her friends are coming to learn you to type fast. Someone is pouring letters on your game screen. Wonder who is it? Anyway, if you want to increase your typing speed, then play this game! Your task is to type the letters that appear on your game screen until you reach the score to complete the level. You will observe that as the game progresses, the letters pour faster and faster and as a result, you have to type faster in order to keep up. How many levels are you able to complete? And your friends, can they do better? Play this game and discover that! Have fun along with your favorite Disney princess – Sofia the First!

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