About Sofia the First Memory

It is believed that people with the best, accurate memory did not trained it throughout their childhood or adulthood, but rather were born with it. It is indeed the most ambiguous part of human brain. One may practice years in order to better memorize, other, a more gifted one, would memorize anything at a glace. But the studies of the last decade have proven this theory wrong. People, especially children, can train their memory in order to enhance their ability to memorize. The other thing that the last studies have proven, is that the best way to sharpen child`s memory is playing `memory games`.You can really kill two birds with one stone playing `memory games`. Your children will both train their memory and spend time joyously. And this game really lets a child to spend his time cheerfully mainly because it features his favourite Disney Princess – Sofia the First. Your goal is to match the pictures. In order to complete the game, you will have to find all the perfect matches. There is also an opportunity to time yourself, to set a new high score and to beat it later. To do this, you will really have to strengthen your memory. And, who knows, maybe your own kid will beat you at this game!Let your children play this game in order for them to dive once again into the magical world of Sofia the First, and also improve their memory. Have fun!

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