About Sofia the First Jumping

Princesses can do anything! Fly in the satin skies on a Flying Horse, or ride a fast carriage throughout the Enchancia. Dress up and be the most graceful princesses, or scare away her enemies! Indeed, Sofia can do anything. In this game, Sofia will demonstrate you that she can reach the skies. But she won`t manage to do it without your help and consent to start the journey. Your goal is to click on the clouds and help Sofia jump on them. Don`t miss the clouds, or you will fall down. Be quick and careful in climbing and it will be your biggest adventure. The higher you climb, the more points you`ll receive. Don`t forget to pick bonuses. They are rare, so you don`t want to miss them, do you? Help Sofia reach the sky and prove that, indeed, princesses can do anything if she believes in herself.

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