About Sofia the First Bowling

There are plenty of things to do in the Palace of Enchancia. Since Sofia the First has become a part of the royal family, she always is in the middle of something. The royalty`s entertainment varies – from royal balls and waltzes to horse carriage rides! There is always someone to receive at the castle, or some friends that also should be treated properly. But Sofia`s life is not only about medieval waltzes and horse rides. She and her friends can spend their time in a more modern way such as playing bowling, for instance! And what a big surprise was when the new bowling lanes were officially opened at the castles! Imagine you could play bowling with your favorite princess Sofia the First and her friends. And who said that little girls can`t play bowling?! Choose a ball and head to the lanes. You`ll be playing against Princess Amber. If you hated her during the TV series originally showcased on Disney Channel, than this game gives you the opportunity to take revenge. To throw the ball, aim steadily and hold the right mouse button. Release it and make your best shot. With some practice you`ll be the queen of the lanes and the visitors will surely be impressed. Just like in real life, you can keep track of your score between each throw. Play this childish and joyful game by the rules of the mature bowling. Make it a memorable game. Have fun!

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