About Sofia`s Painting Pals

Imagine you could paint pictures with your favorite characters from Sofia the First TV series. Imagine you could just sit and paint, and laugh with them about their adventures. Wouldn`t that be a good idea? Well, back in the times when kids used to buy comics to read and paint, it surely was a fancy beyond reality – you could never do that. But nowadays, it is a dream no more, because with this game, you can bring Sofia`s animal friends into your house, or on the desktop of your computer, and paint anything you like in their joyful company. If you really adore to fill pictures with a multitude of colors, then it this game is for you. In the main menu, with a single click, you can choose what picture you would like to paint. You can then choose an animal friend to help you with your painting. Each of them have different style of drawing. Mia loves bold colors, Clover like them to be blurry. Choose anyone of them and create your most enthralling pictures which you could further print and put on your wall in your room! After you`re done, you have to take care of your friends and clean them. Isn`t this awesome? With this game, you can furthermore create your own images by picking a friend to help. Make the best you can and have fun!

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