About Sofia`s Card Catch

As you may know from the TV series of Sofia the First, Enchancia is a magical place. It is a place where birds get to sing the Anthem, were animals come to palace for a tea party and where fairies are your best friends! It is a place of joy and magic. But it is also a place where good overcomes evil and where the most inveterate enemies can become friends. Friends? Well, if only for a single card game! If years ago you could play cards on your computer alone, now anyone can make you a company. Why, even Cedric the Sorcerer himself can give you a company on that. Thus, Sofia and Cedric the Sorcerer decide to play a cards game. In order to win the game, Sofia must find as many matches as she can. Cedric, however, is not a fool and he will surely beat you if you are not attentive. So, pay a close attention to the instructions you`re being told. Your score is displayed near Sofia`s avatar. Play this entertaining game against Cedric and show him, in a peaceful manner, of course, who is a real master of Enchancia.

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