About Sofia Doing Cleaning

Cleaning your room is a tedious job. But who wasn`t persuaded to clean their room during their childhood, or even maturity? Usually, children are promised to receive cookies and sweets if they clean their room. And that is also a good way to persuade a kid. But if your room is a total mess and you are reluctant to clean it, then you can play this game and clean a room, at least in the virtual world. As you may know from the recently played Sofia the First games, Enchancia is a place of joy and infinite tea parties. As a princess, Sofia often organizes parties and really-really likes to gather all her friends together. Usually they play with balls, craft paper planes, or sing merry tunes. There is a lot of joy at this gatherings, and why wouldn`t it be a joy, if you have your friends close to you? But the sad part of such events is cleaning. After a big party there is also a mess to clean. The room of a royalty can`t be a mess, and someone has to help Sofia to clean it. If you`re in, then take the broom and swipe off all the dirt! Put the trash into the container and help Sofia to make her room shine again. If you are quick enough, there is a reward waiting for you. If you are not afraid of dirt and labor, play this game and make Sofia`s room clean. But if you want some change in your life, don`t be lazy and clean your room. It is your room after all. Have fun!

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