About Sofia Carriage Ride

Through tenacious training Sofia managed to finish her flying classes. Now she can fly above the beauties of Enchancia easily. She mastered her Flying Horse completely. But when she is high up in the skies, she can barely see the beauties that lie on the ground. Furthermore, the skies are lonely and she decides to learn how to drive a horse carriage. She was given the best looking horse with a beautiful carriage for her journey. Your are her assistant and have to take care of little Sofia. Help Sofia drive the carriage and admire the beautiful gardens of Enchancia. Hear on the ground you can even touch and smell the fragrance of the beautiful flowers that grow everywhere in the meadows. But don`t forget about driving. Be careful when going up and down the hills. You should not overthrow Sofia`s carriage by any means. Win all the stages and don`t forget to pick the golden stars along you way. Have a beautiful journey along with your favourite princess.

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