About Sofia Cake Decoration

Those of you who have already watched `Sofia the First` TV series on Disney Channel may probably know how blithe and generous princess Sofia is. She is always ready to help the people in need. When she became a princess, she didn`t hesitate to help people around the castle. One day, King Roland the Second was about to receive some gates from Tangu Valley. In order to receive them gracefully, he said to the cooks to prepare some cakes at their taste. But what a pity! The guests should arrive shortly but the cakes aren`t ready yet. Sofia decides to help the cooks. Will you give her a hand? Your goal is to prepare a cake at your taste. Experiment with colors and different tastes. Decorate your cake with lovely decorations. Select your favourite tray to deliver your cake and help the cooks to succeed in preparing cakes before the guests arrive.

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