About Sofia and Vivian

Those of you who have watched the original Sofia the First TV series on Disney Channel may be familiar with Vivian. Sofia and Vivian met in the art class. Vivian is a very shy girl. Sofia and Vivian worked on the same project and during that, Sofia managed to help Vivian overcome her insecurity and her lack of confidence. Once again, Sofia proved that she is a worthy princess. In order to mark this memory for eternity, Sofia had a servant to take a photo of her and Vivian working on the magic castle project. But somebody had ripped the photo album to pieces and now Sofia has to mend it back. Your goal in this game is to help Sofia solve the puzzle in order to retrieve the missing photo. Will you give her a hand? You can view the miniature on the top of your game screen. Use your mouse to move the pieces around. Have fun!

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