About Sofia and Clover

Sofia adores to solve puzzles. If you are acquainted with this passion of her, then you may have already completed a lot of puzzles that feature Sofia and her friends. It is a delightful hobby! What is better than having all your friends around to solve a puzzle that feature your favorite game characters – Sofia and Clover. Nothing! So, call your friends at your place and let us all solve an entertaining puzzle along with Princess Sofia. In the beginning of this game you will be able to choose what size of the puzzle you would prefer to solve. It`s easy to deal with a six-pieces-puzzle, but is it really all you can do? Come one, you can always do better! Pick a bigger size and give a real challenge to you and your friends. As in other puzzle games, you drag the pieces of the puzzle around using your mouse. Once you think you have found the right position for a puzzle piece, drop it and it will stick to the others. In this manner, you have to complete the image of Sofia and her friend Clover as fast as you can. This game gives you the chance to know more about the relationship between Sofia and Clover. Also, it checks your attention and the ability to see the picture both in tiny little parts and as a final piece. Finally, it connects you with your friends, if you decide to play this game together. Have fun!

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