About Skating Accident

Sofia loves skating. She practiced it a lot after she became princess overnight and moved to the Royal Palace of Enchancia. Yes, royalty don`t organize tea parties and royal balls only. They also love to rest actively, just like you. Princess Sofia now feels very confident while skating. She is one of the best! But even the best skaters suffer accidents on ice. This kind of accident happened to our poor Sofia. Now you play as her royal doctor and your mission is to cure Sofia`s multiple injuries. As you can see, skating can be dangerous at times. Sofia`s body is full of scars, bruises and something that looks peculiarly similar to splinters. Where she could find splinters on ice? It seems an unsolvable mystery. What you can solve though, is Sofia`s wounds. Using your tools on the left part of your game screen, get Sofia back in shape. After carefully removing those weird splinters, continue with cleaning her wounds. To do that, use the napkins from your personal set of tools. As to protect the wounds from infection, apply some disinfectant. It may hurt Sofia a little, but that is alright. If she has a bigger, open wound, you will have to stitch it. It may seem a mere fun to be Sofia`s doctor. However, this game gives practical experience on how to cure an injured person. Maybe you will need these knowledge one day, although you better won`t. Play games and keep safe!

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