About Royal Bubble Rescue

Imagine you are granted magical skills for a single day. With a single cast of your wand you could turn an old pair of shoes into a real bird, or a tablecloth into a flying carpet! Now, with all this unlimited power, would be a good, or an evil fairy or wizard? Would you use your magic in the name of good – to prepare a delicious meal for your friends, for instance, or would you rather mock someone with your spells? Miss Nettle decided for herself that she would better use her magical potential to tease and annoy people of Enchancia, and especially Sofia. In order to annoy Sofia for another time, Miss Nettle casted some trouble bubbles around the castle. And what a pity – no fairy is at the castle to help dispose of the bubbles that surrounded the Enchanted Palace. Luckily, Sofia learned her lessons well and now she is a top fairy who can save the castle! Would you give her a hand? If yes, than you are about to start an unforgettable and exciting adventure within the castle`s realms. Your task is to aim at the trouble bubbles and pop them. Don`t be afraid to use your wand – it will only affect the bubbles. However, you have to be accurate and not to hit the green, stinky bubbles. If you are lucky enough, you will reveal the hidden pages of fairies` spell book. With its use, you will learn some new spells that will help you dispose of the bubbles in no time! Rescue the palace from the trouble bubbles and practice new spells. Don`t forget to collect the gems, as they will help you on your quest. Show that you are the best super-fairy of Enchancia and have fun!

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