About Room Decoration

If you got a chance to move to a big, shining castle that you always wanted to live in, what is the first thing you would do? Would you first visit the royal kitchen and taste some of the sweets that are cooked there, or would you dive into the evergreen depths of an Enchanted Garden? Well, Sofia, a little girl who became a princess overnight, thought it would be better to decorate her new room first. Would you give her a hand? Back in her village, Princess Sofia had her nice, little room, where she could explore her books and spend quality time with her friends. She really loved her quiet room. But as she moves to the royal palace of Enchancia, would she be able to find the same comfort in her new room? That`s up to you to decide. In `Sofia the First Room Decoration` you can decorate Princess Sofia a room she always wanted – large, bright and full of colors. Yes, seven-years-old girls adore colors, so you will have to use a plenty of them! Color the walls by clicking the button at the bottom of your screen. From dark yellow to bright shining, purple, the walls of your favorite princess can look just the way you want. But coloring walls is just the beginning of a far more exciting game! Next you can proceed to choosing the right sofa for Sofia. Once you`re done with choosing her a place to rest, design Princess Sofia a good, spacious drawer in which she could store her cute dresses. There are a lot of things to add to Sofia`s new room, so you have plenty of space to explore and have fun.

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