About Princess Sofia Coloring

When `Sofia the First` TV series grew popular, a lot of spin-offs were released. There are multiple flash games (that you can find on our website) that has Sofia as its protagonist. Not only games, but also dolls and children book were made after the famous Enchancia princess. Kids adore to paint, so developers decided to release some paint books for kids to draw in. But it is believed that there were not printed as many books as to fulfill the needs of all the children. This game gives you the opportunity to draw your favourite character as you wish. You are not compelled to draw by the model, so the possibilities are endless. Give freedom to your imagination and explore the world of colors. Pick the color you want from the circle at the right of your screen and prepare your brush. Color Sofia`s dress with the color you want. Do you want to turn Sofia into a Smurf? You can easily do it by applying blue color on Sofia`s face and skin! Print your favorite characters the way you want it and enjoy the world of colors!

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