About Princess Amber Puzzle

Family is what matters most. Family ties are sacrosanct. But it happens that an unknown person enters your family and you have to choose whether to show your contempt to him, or be condescending. When Sofia`s mother, Queen Miranda, marries King Roland the Second, young Sofia enters a royal family. Princess Amber, who is a little older than Sofia, becomes her stepsister. Although the relationship between the two girls doesn`t work quite well, Sofia cares a lot about princess Amber. Through her kindness, Sofia shows us that family ties, even the not natural ones, should not be disregarded. Princess Sofia wants to take a photo of her stepsister to fill he final pages of her photo album, but somebody torn out the pages. Will you help Sofia to retrieve the missing photo? Your goal is to solve the puzzle in order to reveal the missing photo. Do it as fast as you can. Have fun!

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