About Palace Garden

The best way to spend your time when you don`t have anything else to do is, of course, to solve puzzles. Everyone loves to solve puzzles. One would invite their friends, prepare a hot, tasty coffee for everyone and start solving the puzzle. That`s how we did back in the days of our youth. Nowadays it is far more easy to solve a puzzle – you don`t even need to buy one. With a simple search on the Internet you can find millions of enthralling puzzle adventures that are waiting just for you! And since you are now reading this, you`ve come to the right place, because today`s puzzle is all about your favourite Disney Princess – Sofia the First an her palace garden.When little princess Sofia ventures the palace garden, you know that is surely to be a memorable adventure. And since each memorable adventure should be caught on tape, you have to freshen and renovate it by solving the puzzle. You can bring your friends together, or call to your kids` intuition in order to complete the puzzle. Make this adventure even more challenging by timing yourself! Move the pieces of puzzle around using your mouse and try to recollect the picture as fast as you can. When you`re done, Sofia will be happy and proud of you. Have fun!

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