About Nails Salon

If you played other games featuring Disney princesses, you may know that princesses adore to take care of their nails. They go to salons to have their finger nails taken care of. Some of them do their nails makeup by themselves, and some of them, like Sofia the First, prefer to use your help with that. And you don`t want to deny a cute, little princess like Sofia, do you? When Sofia was living with her mother, Miranda, in her village, she hardly took care of her nails. She always was up in the woods, having fun with her animal friends. No one pays attention at your nails, once you spend most of the time within the woods. But after Sofia`s mother married King Roland the Second, becomes a princess overnight. Now, the folks from all over the Enchancia gaze at her dress, tiara, gait and even nails! Unfortunately, becoming a princess doesn`t actually mean having a lot of leisure time. In fact, Princess Sofia has become busier than ever. That is why she needs your help with getting her nails a good, royal look. In order to do this, you will have to use all of the tools provided by this game. In `Sofia Nails Salon` you are not playing against the clock, so take your time and explore the options you have. Carefully following the procedure, little girls will learn how to actually make a good nails makeover in real life. So, it is all about fun and learning.

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