About Minimus The Great

First, this is an awesome game for children to play. It also has a wonderful plot! A princess who takes flying classes has to take care of her flying horse. But what a pity! Minimus – Sofia`s flying horse – has no confidence in himself. As the flying competition gets closer, you have to help Sofia raise his self-confidence. In order to do that, you have to treat Minimus good – take care of his fur, feed him with hay. To maintain Minimus health, you will have to give him water to drink. But maintaining his health is just a part of the gameplay. After feeding and washing are done, you start practicing flying! Guide Minimus cautiously by moving your mouse up and down. Avoid colliding with obstacles. If you hit an object while flying above Enchancia forests and meadows, you will lose one horse-shoe. Don`t lose them, otherwise Minimus will get upset. Minimus adores apples! While flying, collect all the apples you can find, and make your flying horse happy! After the training is finished, don`t forget to feed and wash Minimus. Help Sofia train a healthy, strong flying horse and win the upcoming races! Your children will love this game!

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