About Magical Sled Race

It`s winter around the world! While Eastern Europe doesn`t have that much snow, New York is buried under snow. Enchancia is also covered in white. Indeed, a good time for a Wassailia feast, or a sled race! In `Magical Sled Race` Sofia, Amber and Prince James go for a ride with their royal sledges. Are you in the competition? You can play `Magical Sled Race` by yourself, or with a friend. If you want to play by yourself, choose the single player mode from the main menu. Next, pick the character you want to play with. You will be given the chance to pick a royal sled you like. Once you chose that, get to the hill and start the race. Your task is to score as many points as you can per one race. To have more points, you need to collect golden stars on the track. Also, don`t forget to pick Wassailia flowers to add some extra points to your bank. However, be careful not to bump into obstacles. A few bumps will damage your sled and you won`t be able to finish the race. You can also play this game with a friend. Just change the game to the two players mode and sled away! As a bonus, pick the magical books you encounter on track and see what happens to your sled. Have fun and good luck.

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