About Little Princess

If you watched `Sofia the First` TV series originally showcased on Disney Channel you may be familiar with Sofia`s story. You may also be familiar with all her adventures. You may also know what it is like to be a princess – Sofia tries to understand that throughout the series. What is sure about this is that to be a princess must come from your heart. Enchancia need joyful, generous and graceful princess and Sofia seems to meet this requirements. While displaying these features, Sofia is rather clumsy, but still a character to adore. She also values the people around her, no matter if they are greed or not, if they do good or bad deeds. She treats everybody with equality and this makes her stand out. To show her kindness to her friends, you may already know, that Sofia decided to craft a photo album in which she will put photos of her friends and memorable moments that occurred in her life since she had become royal. If you played other puzzle games on our website and also read the description for each game played, you may know that somebody torn out the pages of Sofia`s album. Your goal in this game is to retrieve the missing photo by solving the puzzle. Find out what the final piece looks like and have fun!

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