About Laundry Time

Have you ever wondered what did Sofia do back in her village? Well, this game lets you to find out, since it is set in Sofia`s mother`s garden. Sofia`s mother, Miranda, has a small, but very neat and beautiful garden. Well, it was like this until Sofia had a little party with some of her friends from the village. They are now gone and Sofia has to do all the laundry. Will you give little Sofia a hand? As you can see from this game, Sofia is rather an independent seven-year-old girl. She has her private thoughts and ideas that pop into her head. See the bubble above Sofia`s head? That`s where her thoughts accumulate. In order to see what you can do next about the mess around you, follow Sofia`s thoughts inside the bubble. However, don`t sit all day in the garden, because it might rain. Once it starts raining, get Sofia and her cat inside. Once inside, continue to do your laundry as a good girl. Change the damp clothes and dress Sofia into new, dry ones. Once your old clothes are cleaned, get back outside, and let them dry. This game show you what a real laundry is. It is all about taking good care of your clothes and your pets. Get a feel of Sofia`s life back in her village and have fun!

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