About Keys to the Castle

A royal ball in Enchancia is a regular event. These are enthralling parties with dances, fine music and tasty food. As a princess, Sofia usually hosts and organize these kind of events. However, to organize a ball for royalty isn`t an easy task for a seven-year-girl like Sofia. You have to pay attention to a lot of details, from decorations to menu. Also, Sofia has to carefully select the guests she want to invite to the Palace. And when someone is not invited at the royal ball a great confusion may arise. When Cedric the Sorcerer is not invited at the royal ball, he decides to take his revenge. On the morning of the ball, he stole all the keys of the castle`s doors and hid them all around the castle. Now Sofia must find them all, or else the ball will be postponed and guests won`t be happy at all about this. Sofia is helped by her friend Clover, but she also needs your help in seeking the keys. If you are agree to save the royal ball from postponement then you are about to go on a interesting and perilous adventure. Control Sofia and Clover using your arrow keys. Look closely for the hidden keys and use them properly when opening doors. Someone has left carrots for Clover to eat that will eventually give you a bonus score. So, don`t hesitate to collect all of them. But beware, because Evil Cedric lurks within the castle. He will try to get you, so you have to be swift or… invisible! Pick up the invisible potion and escape the evil sorcerer. Live this adventure along with your favorite characters and make it a memorable one. Have fun!

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