About Jigsaw Puzzle

When we were younger, we used to solve puzzles. We used to sit on a carpet with our shuffled, complex puzzle, and solve it. We were about three to six children solving one puzzle. Depending on the puzzles` sides, it take us hours to solve it. What a fun we had! Nowadays, you can also have this kind of fun. In case if you and your friends don`t like to sit down on a carpet like we did in old times, you can solve a puzzle on a computer! And why wouldn`t you solve a `Sofia the First` puzzle? Click on the button to shuffle the puzzles and reconstruct the original images. Solving the puzzles will transpose you into the world of Sofia – the world where people can talk with animals and where birds deliver your outfits right to your drawer! Follow Sofia`s adventure along with her friends and discover the beauties of Enchancia. Play this game to reveal the childish joy and to get back in the wonderful land of childhood.

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