About James Hidden Stars

Since Sofia the First TV series were broadcasted on television, games featuring your favorite princess developed. By now, there is up to seventy Sofia the First games, most of which you can find on our website. The games`s style and type varies as it depends on developers taste. What is sure is that Sofia the First games can be classified. Thus, by now we have a lot of `shooting` games, `puzzle solving` games, `driving` games. There are games in which you have to dress or prepare a tasty meal for Sofia`s many friends. But the games that have some kind of a positive influence on gamers are `mind` games, or games that develop attention. This game is one of that. Play it with your kid and let him develop his abilities to spot specific objects on the game screen. The specific object you are looking for in this game is a bunch of stars. Using your special eyeglass, look for the colorful stars that are spread on the screen. You have to be attentive and quick. To make this game even more challenging, try to find all the stars as fast as you can. However, don`t be too hasty, because if you misclick a star, you will lose points. Learn to be more attentive along with your favorite characters: Sofia, James and Amber. This game will help your kid to develop his attention in a playful manner. Have fun!

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