About House Decoration

Imagine you have to move to a palace. Not a regular one, but an enchanted palace! Close your eyes and think of what were the first things you would do if you had such a lucky chance. You would probably invite your friends to a fine dinner with some fancy food, or would listen a calm, peaceful tune to relax within your new realm. Some would take a nap on the new, spacious bed, or would visit the garden nearby. But no matter what you would do in the first place, sooner or later you will have to organize and decorate your new place. Sofia wants to do just that – to decorate her new realm. Would you help her with that? If you do, then be prepared to meet a bewildered and confused little princess. Sofia has just moved in and has a lot of things to arrange in her new place. The harden is nothing but a mess and her animal friends run here and there. But don`t panic. With your help, Sofia will surely arrange the house and maybe even prepare a dinner for her guests. Take control over Sofia`s stuff and arrange it just as you wish. To do that, click on the item you want to move around and drag it. Decorate an original house that is worth a princess like Sofia. Find a place for your animal friends to seat and finally build a house of your dreams. All that you can do in this game. Have fun!

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