About Heal Sofia

New, special Sofia the First games give you the opportunity to try all kind of roles at the Royal Palace of Enchancia. You can play as whoever you want. You can try playing as Sofia`s royal cook and prepare her favorite cherry pie. You can try be Sofia`s room designer and help her arrange her stuff around her new room. Next, you can be Sofia`s dentist! Since Sofia is now part of the royal family, she has access to lots of sweets, so she is very likely to develop cavities. And cavities don`t look good on a princess. In this game, however, you won`t have to cure any cavities. Instead, you will have to treat Sofia`s injures. As you can see, sweet princess Sofia doesn`t look so good. She got badly injured while playing sports on the castle grounds with her friend Clover. Now she has a splinter stuck very close to her eyes, so you will have to work very carefully. Your tools are at the bottom of your game screen. There is a plenty of them, and this game gives you the liberty to try them in any order you want. So, if you were Sofia`s doctor, how would start treating her? Would you give her analgesics first, or would you go straight to the splinter? It is up to you to decide. Play this simple yet entertaining game to try the role of Sofia`s doctor. Cure her successfully and have fun.

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