About Hand Emergency

No one, not even Disney princesses are not secured against traumas. It happens that little kids fall and fall badly. They injure themselves pretty badly sometimes, but that is the price for fun they have. Who haven`t had a scratch during their childhood?! And unfortunately Sofia the First also had a little trauma recently. From her sobbing, it is impossible to know where she happened to injure her hand so badly. Maybe it happened when she was playing with Clover and Miu around the forest. She may have stumbled on something and fell right down. Maybe it happened when she was playing football. You know, princesses play football at times. But it doesn`t matter what happened. The truth is Sofia`s hand is injured pretty badly. Could you help her treat her hand. If you haven`t played as a doctor in any game yet, this game gives you the opportunity to do so. Carefully remove Sofia`s bandages. Follow the in-game instructions to treat Sofia`s fingers. Also, she happened to prick herself on some needles and, as her personal doctor, you have to remove them. Be very accurate with that – Sofia is a little princess, don`t forget about that. Also don`t forget to apply some disinfectant on Sofia`s finger. It will stop the spreading of infection. Be your favorite princess`s personal doctor and have fun!

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