About Flying Carpet Adventure

Princesses often go to parties. If they don`t go to parties, they usually invite people to come to their parties. One day, Sofia was invited to go to a party at the Tangu Peak. She has a far road ahead, so she decides to use her flying carpet in order to reach Tangu Peak. Your goal is to help Sofia reach Tangu Peak by guiding her sneaky carpet. Your adventures will take you from Suspended Gardens to Elephant River. Follow Sofia`s adventure and collect all the sky-sparkles. Don`t be afraid to fly through the sky-shapes – they will grant you bonuses that will help you design your own, personalized carpet at the end of the game. Fly through the speed swirls to gain speed. You have to go fast, because you don`t want to be late at the party. Your flying carpet is quite obstreperous! He will try to hide from Sofia whenever he could find an opportunity. Click on him three times in a row to seize him. Don`t click on other carpets, you should know yours! When Sofia will reach Tangu Peak, you will be able to design and print your own flying carpet using the bonuses you`ve collected in your adventure.

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