About Find the Differences

When Sofia was living with her mother, Miranda, in the village, she had a great deal of games to play. Children in the village love to play games and Sofia was not an exception, even though she was predestined to become a princess very soon. And what do little girls from the village play? Well, that`s a bunch of games! Hopscotch, hide and seek, sardines – you can spend all day running through the woods. But after Sofia becomes a princess overnight and moves to the Royal Palace of Enchancia, she starts playing different games. Royal kids prefer to play `Find the Difference` instead of sardines, and Sofia has to comply to their will. Will you join her? If you are accustomed to Sofia games, then the rules of this particular one will sound familiar to you. You will be introduced to two pictures. Using your mouse and your attention, you will have to spot all the tiny differences between the two pictures. In total, there are five differences you will have to find. Think it`s easy enough to do it? Well, we can hinder you winning this game so easy. To do that, we added a certain amount of time within which you have to complete your task. There are five levels to complete in `Sofia the First Find Differences`. Complete them all in order to help Princess Sofia win the game.

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