About Eye Care

Have you ever thought you can play as a real doctor at Sofia`s Enchanted Castle? Well, you can! Due to this new, entertaining game, you can now become Sofia`s ophthalmologist in no time. Go straight to the princess and check her eyes. As you can see, little Sofia`s sight is a little bit out of order. This sometimes happen to little kids. As a doctor you have to pick Sofia the right pair of glasses. But first, you will need to verify how bad is her sight. Have you ever been to an ophthalmologist? The `eye` doctor is believed to be one of the best doctors, since he can do you no harm. He can only test you and suggest you whether you should or should not wear glasses. Now, it`s time for you to play as a doctor. Click on Sofia`s eyes to start the game. As you can see, there are several tests you must go through in order to pick Sofia a pair of glasses. Start with testing her near vision. To do that, guide little Sofia in matching the figures from the right, to the ones shown in the left. Continue with the standard, distance vision test. It is test you suppose to take when you go to the doctor. Insert the letters show on the table and continue. Future tests vary from computerized eye test to duo chrome test. After you complete them all, pick Sofia the right lenses, so as the letters in the left part of your game screen, are properly visible. Next step is the most interesting one – choosing Sofia a fashionable frame for her new glasses. Have fun!

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