About Explore the Castle

After Sofia`s mother, Queen Miranda marries King Roland the Second, Sofia becomes a princess overnight. When she arrives at the castle, she finds a vast, magical world waiting to be explored. It is a secret world that hides beyond the castle walls. It keeps its beautiful treasures inside and unravels them only to those who dare to… click on things! Would you click on things to explore Sofia`s world, including her castle, in order to reveal some secrets? If you agree, then prepare to immerse in Sofia`s world. You have the chance to explore Sofia`s realms like never before. Start with the Royal Library. All you have to do is to simply click on things. After you click, the magic will happen. Watch the magical, paper dragons flying out of a new, interesting book you`ve just found. If you are a real explorer, you will find out even more interesting things here, in the Royal Library. For instance, if you will be very accurate with your clicks, you can find Clover! Can you find him? Royal Kitchen is another place that is full of secrets. As the tasty food of the royal kitchen lure many castle inhabitants, don`t be surprised to find some of Sofia`s friends around here. The Royal Kitchen is an even more magical place, than the library. Have you ever listened for an orchestra of dishes? Well, be prepared to listen! And don`t forget about the summer garden! You can find Sofia`s flying horse here and feed Robin! For playing the game, click on the `Explore` magnifier icon, then choose the place you want to see!

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