About Enchanted Garden

No one can overlook the beauties of Enchancia. A forest were birds sing their tremulous trill and where animals can tell you their secrets if you are wise enough to hear can not leave one indifferent. The eyes of the traveler are usually driven to the Palace of Enchancia that is even more beautiful within the night, as its glowing windows and towers can be seen from a far distance. But what is more fascinating about this world of magic, is the Enchanted Garden. The one who ought to take care of the Enchanted Garden is no one, but the famous princess Sofia. She adores the garden and its motley flowers. She also knows the secret of the garden – it is enchanted and each seed you plant, will surely grow very quickly, so as to delight the eyes of the wanderer. But she also knows that it might take great efforts to plant and water the seeds. Now imagine you could help Sofia plant the seeds just as you wish! In this game, your fancy becomes true. Your task is to create an unforgettable garden. Using the seeds provided, shovels and water, you are about to plant a real, enchanted garden that will be flowering many years after. Sofia allows you to arrange the flowers just as you wish, so don`t be afraid to use your vivid imagination. The secret of growing beautiful flowers, as Sofia says, is watering them. Use your watering can, and if it isn`t enough for a florist like you, then cast a real rain! Let the flowers grow and they will grant you gifts. Have fun.

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