About Dress for a Royal Day

Dressing up a princess isn`t an easy job at all. Sofia`s day is full of events and she has to be everywhere. When she woke up and reviewed her day schedule, she understood that she won`t make it without your help. She decided that you will be her dressing assistant – a person who would pick and advice her royal outfits. You don`t want to disappoint the little princess, do you? Your goal is to search in Sofia`s wardrobe the clothes she needs. They are displayed at the bottom of your game screen. You have to correctly pick items three times in a row to succeed. The bluejays will take the dress away if you don`t hurry, so be quick! There are multiple outfits to pick. As the Sofia`s schedule is full of events, you will have to pick dresses for all of them. At the end of each stage you will get stars that appreciate your gameplay, so pick wisely. Help princess Sofia to get dressed!

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