About Dental Care

In case you always wanted to play as a royal dentist, this game gives you the opportunity to do so. In `Sofia the First Dental Care` you step in the role of Sofia the First royal dentist. As her personal dentist, your goal is to cure Sofia`s mouth. Your tools, unlike other `doctor` games, is absolutely at your disposal. The interesting thing in this game is that you can use any tool you want at any time you want. There are no suggestions on what steps to take in order to cure Princess Sofia`s mouth – you do it all by yourself. Do you want to rip off all Sofia`s teeth? Go on! But you want to be a good, professional dentist, don`t you? So, being a good, professional dentist, as this game shows you, means to actually care about your patient. As you can see, since Sofia became a princess overnight, she has eaten a lot of sweets. Those sweets really damaged her mouth. In order to help her out and also stand out as a professional dentist you strive to be, you will have to figure out how does each tool work. You can watch a little suggestion on that at the top of your screen. Although this game shows you how to use a certain tool, it doesn`t compel you to do so. You can take any steps you want in curing Sofia`s mouth, but be sure to do a good job.

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