About Curse of Princess Ivy

Have you already seen The Curse of Princess Ivy episode of Sofia the First? If yes, then go straight playing the game with the same name! As you already know from the episode, Princess Amber took Sofia`s Amulet of Avalor to summon a princess of her own. Unfortunately, the who Amber summons is no one else, but the venomously evil Princess Ivy! Using her ominous black and white butterflies, she wants to conquer all the Enchancia! Could you imagine an Enchancia with all its colors drained out? Neither can Sofia and Amber! That is why they are up to save the day! In Curse of Princess Ivy, you can choose to play either with Sofia, or with Princess Amber. Take your bags for catching butterflies and let`s clean the Castle from Ivy`s evil butterflies. Guide Sofia or Amber, depending on your choice, using your mouse. Point a spot on the screen in order for your princess to go there. Your goal is to quickly catch all the black and white butterflies that fly around! But be careful! Princess Ivy cast a few dragonflies to stop you! Avoid the dragonflies at all cost! To do that, you can masterfully meander between the floors, or you can hide behind the armors that glow in yellow. On your quest for saving the Castle from Ivy`s butterflies, Cedric the Sorcerer will help you. From time to time, he will cast a magic spell book that will make your moves swifter. Collect the books, avoid the dragonflies and save Enchancia from Princess Ivy and her black and white curse.

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